"Fyodor Golan", "Candy Crush", "Jungle Fever" and "Fairy Tale Ending" at London Fashion Weekend September 2014.

"Fyodor Golan" at London Fashion Weekend.

Olga and Elli from my series ” Modern Women “ 

Megan, Elli, Teresa ang Olga from my series ” Modern Women “ 

Yole and Ria from my series ” Modern Women “ 

" The present day world
  Is unfortunately
  Empty of harmony. “

" The present day world

  Is unfortunately

  Empty of harmony. “

" L’été chartreuse. "

" L’été chartreuse. "


Summer Collection by Elle Roxx

Hair by Jimbo Sergiou

Make up by Debora Lein

Models Alexandra K. & Katerina K.

Styling by Elle Roxx & Dimitra Gkm


“The Greek word for “return” is nostos. Algos means “suffering.” So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return.”

Model : Laraki 

Bikini by Neni’s Bikinis

" What you see VS. What I feel. " 

Model: Ria Poly

Sneak peek from a photoshoot I did for Jane’s Jewels .

Hair done by Jimbo Sergiou .

" Second Skin "

Lensed by Dimitra Gkm

Model Angelianna Kor.

Styling by Dimitra Gkm & Jimbo Sergiou

Clothes by Elle Roxx

Hair by Jimbo Sergiou

MUA Elena Pg.

Jewelry by Maria Koz.

Photo Story ” My Club” .

This is a photo story I was assigned to do with the title ” My Club ” . I am referring my family, my friends and my room as my club.

Beautiful and talented Laraki and Iren aka. ’ The Blame on Mame ‘ presenting a new greek clothing and accessories company called, Forever Classic Apparel Co. 

( You can find all details for Forever Classic Apparel Co. here, like the FB page for updates here and visit Forever’s site here )


Models: Laraki and Iren

Hair done by Jimbo Sergiou